Thursday, April 29, 2010

Iron Man 2 premiere tickets

On schedule, Iron Man 2 will be released in Indonesia on April 30, 2010. 21cineplex official site also has confirmed that they will start showing this movie on friday. Two more days will be long queues outside the theater or studio XXI 21 Yogyakarta. Since a few months later, in Yogyakarta, the enthusiasm to pursue premiere tickets was phenomenal. Will you join the queue Iron Man 2 premiere tickets?

To anticipate a long queue on the first day telecast Iron Man 2, cineplex announced very surprising news. Indonesia's largest cinema companies informed that this movie premiere tickets can be booked from April 28, 2010. However, these tickets can not be obtained directly in the cinema. You must order tickets iron man 2 through M-tix if you want to book from today.

The existence of M-tix this is very helpful for movie fans who want to watch movie premiere. With the M-Tix, we can order movie tickets online through the Internet or via sms. If we have M-tix, we do not have to queue to buy tickets for the premiere. Do you already have an M-tix? If you have, Let's hunt Iron Man 2 premiere tickets before sold out!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Iron Man 2 Premiere in Indonesia

Iron Man 2 Premiere in Indonesia
This week, my friends on facebook are excited to discuss Iron Man 2. They can not wait for this movie premiere in Indonesia. This film based on Marvel Comics truly become a phenomenon of great pleasure for lovers of superhero movies. Although I have not watched Iron Man 2, I was interested to watch the second sequel after hearing stories from friends and watch the official trailer. Of course we can not wait to watch a movie that was directed by Jon Favreau. When Iron Man 2 will premiere in Indonesia?

Based on the official website iron man 2, movie starring Robert Downey Jr will premiere in Indonesia from 30 April 2010. We are very fortunate to live in Indonesia. We can watch this superhero movie earlier than the American people because this film will be launched in the United States on May 7, 2010. This movie will first be launched on 28 April 2010 in four countries, they are Belgium, France, Sweden, and Switzerland-French. Just like in Indonesia, Iron Man 2 will also be launched on April 30 in the United Kingdom.

Here is the complete schedule of the launch of the movie Iron Man 2 in global sites.

28 April 2010: Belgium, France, Sweden, Switzerland-French

29 April 2010: Argentina, Chile, Peru, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon,
United Arab Emirates, Australia, South Korea, New Zealand,
Thailand, Croatia, Czech Republic / Slovak, Danish, Greece,
Hungary, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Serbia & Montenegro, Slovenia, Switzerland, Germany, Ukraine

30 April 2010: Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, South Africa, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Cyprus, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain, Switzerland- Italian, United Kingdom

May 5, 2010: Finland

May 7, 2010: United States, Canada

June 11, 2010: Japan

Are you going to watch one of the best-selling movie in 2010 on premiere? If you are in jogja, you must immediately booked on Iron Man 2 via M-tix or you must come to the XXI before 7am to wait in a line of ticket buyers.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

How to update facebook status via iPad?

update facebook status via iPad
If we have iPhone, iPad, or blackberry, we can update facebook status from our mobile phones. Under our status, there are posts "via Facebook for Blackberry", "Facebook for iPhone", or "Facebook for iPad". Now, if we do not have those gadgets, we can still make a facebook status will be updated as if from those gadgets. For example, we will try to update facebook status via ipad.

1. Go to

2. Then, the application will ask for permission. Click Allow

3. After that, the application will ask for permission so that you can update your facebook status via the application. Click on "Klik di sini, lalu pilih tombol Allow Publishing agar bisa update status melalui iPad"

4. On a pop up window, select allow publishing

5. Click okay after arise notice that you are able to update your status through this application.
6. The five steps above are only done when you first use this application.
7. After that, you can directly update facebook status through the form available on the application.

The application also provides links to update the status through other applications, such as facebook status updates via plurk. Good luck.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Business in sports for beginner

Sport is an activity that has many benefits. This activity is very beneficial for maintaining health, even certain sports can prevent cancer. Sports can also be a good educational tool. This activity can be used to teach children about honesty, courage, and a few other good qualities. So, do not be surprised if there was a slogan which reads "Sports build character of the nation." Today, sport is also a field to search for revenue. Some athletes have a high salary, almost equal to the salaries of conglomerates. Business in the sport expanded into a huge business. This business can produce profits very much. No wonder if some business tycoons began to pursue business in sport. Can a business beginner take advantage of business opportunities in sports?

Sports business development encourages rapid growth of various kinds of business, one of them is sports betting. Sports betting has a very high risk but could also give very high profits. Although we are still a beginner in the business, we can choose sports betting to start our business. To get huge profits, of course we must use the right strategy in sports betting. Appropriate strategy is needed to calculate whether our prediction is accurate. Accurate predictions could certainly make us win the bet so that we can make huge profits.

In addition to knowing the right strategies, we must also recognize some professional players. We can ask for advice about sports betting on them. Experience is very valuable to determine betting. The players who already have experience will have a pretty good instinct for predicting victory. If we try to participate in sports betting, there is no harm if we first asked for suggestions to players who've experienced.

I think sports betting is very suitable for seeking assets. If we have got quite a lot of profits, we should use the money as assets to open another business. Betting business is not suitable if we make it as a business to gain a steady income because of the risk and fluctuation is very high. We can also use the money from the bets for investment, for example, to buy gold because the precious metal investment is quite profitable in the long term. What do you think? Do you also want to try the sports betting business?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Plurking via Facebook

plurk facebook
In previous articles, we can update facebook status as if via plurk. Conversely, can we update plurk status while chatting with friends on facebook?

Previously, applications plurk to fb can only be used to write status of facebook so that under our status will be written "via plurk". However, we can not update plurk status through this application. I do not know how to connect plurk and facebook for status updates. However, I just added a few changes to this application. Now, you can access plurk through this application.

So, when we open this facebook application, we can update plurk and facebook status. Unfortunately, both of them are still not connected. Do you know how to connect them? Btw already long time since plurk updated new emoticon? If you found new plurk emoticon, please share it..

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Update Facebook Status via Plurk

facebook status via plurkIn the past, we can update facebook status via plurk. When we write status on plurk, Our facebook status is also automatically updated. However, recently there was some changes. When we write plurk status, this status is changed to a post when we open facebook. Unlike twitter which automatically makes status update on facebook. Can we still write facebook status through plurk?

Earlier, I tried several unique facebook application. These applications help us to be able to update status and under such status would have made "via the name of the application." Suppose that the application name is the Blackberry, then under our status would have made "via Blackberry". Yup, with such applications, we can make a facebook status that seemed to be written through plurk.

During the day I learned to create a facebook application. Luckily, Facebook provides a wiki for developers to create applications. I also tried to make an application for facebook status updates via plurk, plurk to FB. With this application, the status of our facebook as if updated through plurk. Too bad we can not write facebook and plurk status simultaneously with this application. Do you find applications that help us to be able to write facebook and plurk status

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Causative agents of Bartholin's abscess

Bartholin's abscess is the formation of pus in Bartholin's glands. This gland is is located beside the vaginal opening. Pus emerged rapidly in several days. Patients will feel a burning sensation and swelling in the vaginal area. Patients will also feel the pain when doing activities that put pressure on the vaginal area. In addition, walking and sitting can also cause pain that is very disturbing. The disease has not been widely studied. Several physicians from Gifu University, Japan, conducted a study to determine the causative agents of Bartholin's gland abscess.

The study involved about 200 Japanese women who suffer from Bartholin's gland abscess. The results of this research indicate that the formation of pus in the Bartholin's gland are mostly caused by opportunistic bacteria, E. coli. The organisms are normal flora in the intestines that often causes urinary tract infections. Opportunistic bacteria are also often cause various infections in the female genital area, such as inflammation of the Bartholin's glands.

Several years ago, E. coli is not the main cause abscess in the gland in the female genital area. The disease is often caused by N. gonorrhoeae infection . This bacterium is the main cause of sexually transmitted diseases. However, since the decreased incidence of gonorrhea infection, gonococcal bacteria is no longer a major cause of Bartholin's gland abscess.

How the symptoms of this disease? Bartholin's gland abscess patients will feel the pain and swelling in the vaginal opening. The pain often increases during sexual intercourse. Furthermore, patients also feel fever. If you feel these symptoms, immediately consult your doctor so that infection does not spread. Some cases show that this disease can spread and lead to septic shock.

Mikamo, H., Ninomiya, M., Tamaya, T., Izumi, K., Ito, K., Yamaoka, K., Watanabe, K. 2005. Microbiology of Bartholin's Gland Abscess in Japan. Journal of Clinical Microbiology 43(8): 4258-4261. [Full Text]

My first experience in choosing web hosting

During two years of writing blogs, I still do not understand about web hosting. At that time, I just simply write a personal experience in a free blog from blogspot. One time, I met a jogja blogger in a gym. After chatting for a while, he introduced me to the business through blogs. He taught me how to earn money from blogging activities. One suggestion he gives is that we should have some blogs to optimize income from online business. I also made some blog on some free blog provider.

There are a few flaws if we use free blogs. If we are using blogspot, we need the business harder to compete with the blog using wordpress as CMS. In addition, our website address would be too long if we use these free blogs. My friend had advised me to learn wordpress and hosting with domain purchase.

Initially, I was confused in choosing a place to buy hosting. I also tried to find articles about how to choose web hosting. There are some web hosting from abroad that provides hosting with large capacity with a fairly cheap price. Apart from a fairly competitive price, the features provided is also quite comprehensive. We can arrange hosting with ease. In addition to some convenience, some hosting provider from abroad also very often give domain name coupons so that we can buy domains with very cheap price. However, I have not dared to buy hosting from web hosting providers from abroad because I am afraid will have difficulty when applying for customer service assistance.

I also asked my friends who already have a website. He told some of the best web hosting provider in Indonesia. To check whether a web hosting is SEO friendly enough, my friend told me to check the web which has the highest ranking in google with the keyword "best webhosting in Indonesia." The first rank is held by one of the web hosting provider based in yogyakarta. I was looking for information about these web hosting. It turned out that several large sites in Indonesia are also utilizing the services from this hosting provider. I also chose to buy hosting from this hosting provider which based in Sleman district, Yogyakarta. Besides having some pretty good services, this web hosting provider also near from my house.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Eggplant, delicious and healthy, rich in antioxidant

Eggplant, cucumber-shaped fruit is more often used as a vegetable. In the past, I really do not like vegetables that contain eggplant because this fruit becomes mushy when boiled with other vegetables. In addition, eggplant taste less delicious when used as a vegetable stew. On campus, there are small shops that sell fried eggplant. At first, I am less sure about this food. Then, I tried. How taste the fried eggplant?

It turns out, fried eggplant is very crispy. In addition to crisp, eggplant is also more delicious than fried potatoes because it feels more springy. It feels more delicious snack when eaten with ketchup or hot sauce. Crispy fried eggplant is also easy to make. Last night I cooked crispy fried eggplant at home to be enjoyed as a snack while playing games. You can search for crispy fried eggplant recipes in culinary sites.

Besides can be cooked into a tasty snack, the eggplant was also very beneficial for health. This fruit contains many polyphenols such as phenolic acids and flavonols. Polyphenols are antioxidants which have many health benefits. These substances can prevent bad effects caused by the bad cholesterol (LDL). As antioxidants, polyphenols can prevent hypercholesterolemia because these substances can prevent mutation of apo-B100. Apolipoprotein (apo) B-100 is a substance that helps the uptake of LDL. If exposed to apo B-100 mutation, the uptake of LDL from the blood will decrease resulting in hypercholesterolemia.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Download dota map 6.67c from IIX Server

Do you want to download dota map 6.67c from IIX server? Please download this latest map from the link on the bottom of my story. :D

After passing second wave of OSCE comprehensive, I underwent during the 2-month vacation. These holidays have to wait long enough for the queue to get their turn on clinic rotation. My friends who have passed the first wave exam, since 5 April then can enter the clinical rotation. In spare time during the holidays, there are a variety of activities undertaken by my friends. Some friends, who liked to do business, leisure is used to develop the business. Some friends also exist that use this holiday to visit tourist places in Indonesia like Bali. However, there are also friends who use this holiday to play games until satisfied. I included the group that likes to play games. Hehehe .. There are some games I currently play, such as DotA, The Sims 3 and harry potter.

Beginning of the holidays, I played The Sims 3. This game is hard enough to play on my laptop because my laptop is old generation laptop. This game has enough to spend my hard drive capacity. My hard drive already cut about 11 GB to install this game even though I have not installed some expantion pack. Since almost every day I play this game, over time boredom also emerged. This morning I was idly trying to play dota in nusareborn server.

Apparently, almost all games that were there already use dota map 6.67c. Since I do not have that map, I can not come into play. This afternoon, I had to download this latest dota map. I also have to upload the latest DotA map to the IIX server. For my friends who want to download map DotA 6.67c with a faster speed, you can download from this IIX server.

Download dota map 6.67c

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tea can cause anemia. Is that true?

tea can cause anemia
Tea is a daily drink that has many benefits. This beverage contains antioxidants that are beneficial for health. Some studies also have shown that tea can prevent some diseases such as osteoporosis. However, some articles also mentioned that tea can cause anemia. Is that true?

Apparently, tea was able to inhibit absorption of iron. Tea contains tannin. These substances can bind to non-heme iron to form iron-tannate complexes that can not be absorbed by our body. In the other form, heme iron can not be bound by tannin so that heme iron absorption is not affected by the presence of tannin substances.

Therefore, tea is not recommended to be drunk by people who are dependent on the source of iron from vegetables, milk, or iron supplements. Vegetables, milk, and iron supplements contain iron in the form of non-heme iron. Tea can cause anemia because it inhibit absorbtion of non heme iron. Infants and children who can not eat meat, should not drink tea after a meal. Iron needs of infants depends heavily on vegetables, milk and supplements. People who are undergoing treatment with iron supplements is also not advisable to drink tea after taking medicine. Drinking tea after meals is also must be avoided by vegetarians because source of iron from the vegetables will be difficult to be absorbed if it bound by tannin substances. What about us who ate meat? We do not need to worry for tea after a meal. Existing iron in meat is heme iron form so that iron absorption is not affected by tea drinking.

How to buy gold for investment

Gold investment is very profitable investment. Gold has become a business tool since the year 560 BC, during the reign of King Croesus in Turkey. Gold as an investment has many advantages. The gold price tends to increase. If we invest in currencies, currency values are highly irregular. The value of gold, which tends to increase can be seen in the chart of gold prices over the last 10 years. Besides having a value which tends to increase, gold investment also has several other advantages. Gold investments have no counterparty risk. Purchasing power for gold is also consistent. In addition, the gold price does not depend on government decisions and the banking system.

To start a gold investment, we must determine the form of gold which we will invest. There are three forms of gold that can be invested in the form of gold jewelry, gold coins and gold bars. Gold jewelry in the form of less recommended for investment. When buying jewelry, we must pay the price of gold and also the cost of making jewelry. However, when we sell jewelry, we will only get the gold price. Construction cost will not be counted when we sell the jewelry. Gold bullion and gold coin are appropriate form for investing in gold.

We can buy gold bullion and gold coins in gold shops, precious metal dealers, or in the office of pawnshops. However, if we buy there, the price we would get higher than if we buy directly on producers. If we want to buy precious metals, we should buy into the manufacturer directly. However, we must also take into account transport costs.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Speedy, Speed that you can trust?

Jargon tersebut sering kita dengar dan lihat di setiap promosi speedy. Namun, saya bukan akan promosi speedy, saya hanya akan berbagi pengalaman saya menggunakan layanan dari provider internet yang satu ini. Saya menggunakan layanan paket family dari speedy sejak oktober 2009. Saya cukup merogoh sekitar 150ribu tiap bulan untuk mendapatkan layanan koneksi internet unlimited dengan kecepatan 384 kbps untuk 3 GB pertama dan 128 kbps untuk selanjutnya. Loh, kok bisa cuma 150ribuan, kan paket family sekitar 200ribuan? Yap, saya mendapat informasi dari teman saya bahwa ada promo speedy community. Jika saya mendaftar speedy bersama 4 orang lainnya, kita bisa mendapatkan diskon (maaf saya lupa berapa persen) sehingga kita cukup membayar sekitar 150ribu tiap bulannya. Setelah tanya sana-sini, akhirnya saya meyakinkan diri untuk memilih layanan ini.

Layanan pendaftaran speedy memang sangat memuaskan. Kita tidak wajib mencari 4 orang teman untuk mendaftar paket ini. Petugas promosi dari speedy membantu kita mencari 4 orang. Bahkan, jika kita dapat mengajak teman, kita malah dapat komisi. Yap, tanpa prosedur yang berlibet, akhirnya speedy sudah terpasang di rumah. Lebih topnya lagi, saat itu ada promo bebas biaya instalasi sehingga kita hanya perlu membayar untuk membeli modem. Lebih beruntungnya lagi, kita dapat diskon untuk modem tersebut.

Boleh dibilang slogan speed that you can trust tersebut benar-benar dapat dipercaya. Speedy memberikan kepada kita layanan internet dengan kecepatan koneksi yang dapat dipercaya. Dibanding beberapa provider internet yang saya gunakan sebelumnya, kecepatan speedy saat saya tes di tidak jauh dari kecepatan yang dijanjikan. Saat 3GB pertama, biasanya saya mendapatkan kecepatan koneksi sekitar 0,32 hingga 0,35 Mbps. Jarang sekali (bahkan tidak pernah) saya mendapatkan kecepatan di bawah 0,3 Mbps. Saat quota melebihi 3GB, kecepatan juga tidak jauh dari 128 kbps,yaitu sekitar 0,12 Mbps, jarang sekali mendapatka kecepatan di bawah 0,1 Mbps. Untuk masalah kecepatan, speedy patut diacungi jempol.

Apakah layanan speedy sebaik dengan kecepatannya? Yap,pergantian tahun 2009 menjadi tahun 2010 menjadi titik di saat layanan speedy mulai rewel. Untuk masalah kecepatan, bisa dibilang tidak ada komplain. Namun, entah kenapa speedy seakan-akan mengikuti jejak salah satu penyedia layanan listrik di negeri ini. Sering sekali byar pet tanpa pemberitahuan. 1 Januari 2010, tiba-tiba speedy sama sekali tidak bisa konek. Dalam benak saya, saya masih berpikir positif mungkin jaringan sedang sangat sibuk di hari pergantian tahun seperti ini. Saya pun mencoba menelpon 147. Yap, kita akan dilayani dengan sangat ramah saat melaporkan adanya gangguan. Sehari kemudian, speedy sudah bisa digunakan untuk berselancar di dunia maya dengan kecepatan yang selalu dapat dipercaya. Sekitar seminggu hingga dua minggu kemudian, speedy tidak bisa konek lagi. Saya pun telpon 147 lagi. Hal itu berulang-ulang setiap satu hingga dua minggu sampai saat ini. Saya pun harus rutin menghubungi 147 tiap satu hingga dua minggu (Semoga saja petugas 147 tidak bosan mendengar suara saya). Yap, laptopku pun beristirahat sekitar 1-2 hari setiap satu hingga dua minggu.

Kejadian aneh muncul pada siang hari ini. Sore kemarin, earth days ala speedy kembali kumat. Adik saya pun telpon 147. Jawaban klasik pun muncul, "laporan akan kami proses paling lambar 3x24 jam. Jika lebih dari itu, Anda akan mendapat diskon 2%. Baik banget ya speedy itu, liburnya 3/30 hari (10%) tapi diskonnya cuma dapet 2%. Seminggu yang lalu saya hampir saja mendapatkan diskon tersebut namun baru sekitar 2,5 x 24 jam dari jam laporan (maaf tepatnya saya g ingat) speedy kembali bisa digunakan. Nah, siang tadi saya berharap saya bisa berselancar kembali untuk melihat hasil ujian komprehensif jilid 2. Namun, harapan saya hanyalah harapan yang belum menjadi kenyataan. Speedy belum bisa konek. Akhirnya, lagi-lagi saya menghubungi 147. Entah kenapa kali ini petugas 147 tidak menjawab seperti biasanya. Kali ini, saya diminta untuk menghubungi teknisi secara langsung. Well, saya diberi nomor telpon teknisi. Saya pun menelpon teknisi. Okay, saat itu sekitar pukul 11.30, teknisi menjanjikan akan segera datang dan memberi tahu bahwa akan dikenakan biaya sekitar 30ribu untuk setting modem. Saya merasa ada yang aneh karena saya mendapat gangguan tapi kok malah disuruh bayar. Saya pun menanyakan perihal biaya tersebut kepada teknisi tersebut beberapa kali untuk meyakinkan. Baiklah, saya pun menunggu bapak teknisi datang ke rumah saya. Detik demi detik hingga rasa mengantuk menyerang pun belum ada tanda-tanda teknisi akan datang. Hingga pukul 14.00, teknisi belum datang. Saya pun kembali menelpon 147. Selain menanyakan kapan teknisi akan datang, saya juga menanyakan biaya yang sedari tadi penuh tanda tanya. Ternyata, pelanggan tidak dikenai biaya untuk perbaikan gangguan, tidak ada biaya setting modem. Baiklah, saya pun meminta agar petugas telkom saja yang menghubungi teknisi agar segera datang dan masalah biaya tersebut tidak ikut menjadi polemik yang mendorong DPR untuk membentuk panja. hehehe... Mungkin biaya tersebut memang tidak seberapa, tapi jika ditumpuk-tumpuk maka tidak heran akan banyak lahir gayus kecil di negeri indonesia tercinta ini.

Baiklah, waktu sudah menunjukkan pukul 3:09, sudah satu jam saya menunggu teknisi menghubungi saya. Seperti yang sudah dijanjikan oleh petugas 147, jika dalam 1 jam teknisi tidak menghubungi, silakan hubungi kami kembali. Okay kawan, saya akan menghubungi 147 kembali.