Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Minor Surgical Exam has been passed?

minor surgery exam picture
One semester ago, I took the minor surgery exams. Actually, now that my group is a group of lucky because we have observed by one of the scary teacher but he did not come. We were guarded by a resident teacher selection. Fortunately, the residents are kind and one of them has a name like mine. LoL.

However, destiny line somehow requires me to deepen the minor surgery. I had to deepen the learning minor surgery and allowed to take exams this semester. At that time, I did make some fatal mistake that is ripping the gloves and do not give anesthesia on a mannequin. If it happens in real patient, he'll really feel pain.

At other times, there is a group that was not lucky. They were guarded by scary lecturer. In addition, the professor was disappointed in the residents who accompanied him. The teacher became bad mood. Only two of the 10 people who graduated. One person is the person who got the first turn when a lecturer has not come, one more person is a person who got the last turn where the professor is back in a good mood.

I got back on the exam schedule today. Two days ago, I studied with some friends who also take the exam again. Last night, I also spend an hour to learn to wear gloves. LoL. I think my fear too much. I do not have time to learn histology whereas today there histology examination.

I intend to get into the group's first turn histology examinations. It is certainly intended that I have enough time to prepare mentally before a minor surgical examinations. I also left home at 06.00. Half an hour later, I arrived at the building's histology and saw there were about a dozen people who queued. My class was a little excessive in such cases, the same as the queue event when choosing elective block. The seconds running and the queue were growing. I was not feeling good because it was very chaotic queue. When the queue is opened, I felt was right. Apparently there are 32 queue numbers. I should be able to get a queue number around 10-20, if these queue regularly. Maybe, chaotic queue culture has become Indonesian icon that has not been claimed by Malaysia. I really wonder why the room was full of ego to self-absorbed. I continue to be patient in waiting for the queue number. Until the remaining approximately 5 numbers, I still do not get a queue number. Enough patience to get there. I lunged forward. There are two numbers in the hands of guards. I let my girlfriend take a number. Suddenly there was the hand that almost took one number remaining. Luckily, her hand is not faster than my hands being in the effects of adrenaline. I told the owner of the hand, "Sorry, I had come earlier than you, right? Today I also have surgical exams." She fell silent. Histology exam passed. Hopefully a good result.

Histology exam finished at 08.30. There is still enough time to prepare for exams minor surgery. Around 10:30, the test begins. I got the third turn. When I entered the exam room, I was nervous. In addition to the sense of a little scary exam, there is also a surgical resident who is quite beautiful. One thing that is rarely seen. LoL. All went well but there was one mistake I did, that is my lack of caution in closing the needle until the needle cap was thrown into the betadine. LoL. Hopefully I can pass exams with good grades. Or do I need to deepen the surgery again until one day I would become a surgeon? For some reason, I still do not match with the surgeon, because I was too afraid to see blood. LoL