Sunday, January 23, 2011

Danica Flores Magpantay Facebook

Danica Flores Magpantay Facebook Photos
Danica Flores Magpantay Facebook Profile is the most viewed facebook pages after she won Ford supermodel of the world 2011. She won this title after beating 12 candidate from other countries. Danica Magpantay is daughter of former pinoy model, Lala Flores, who also won ford supermodel 20 years ago.

In this model contest, Danica Magpantay not only must beat model from other countries, she also compete with her sister, Danielle Magpantay. Both of them are beautiful model but Danielle only reached top 8 while Danica can won the title of Supermodel of the world 2011. They like Venus and Serena Williams. Both of them said that there are no rivalry between them.

“We’ve never really had any rivalry. We’ve accepted our strengths and weaknesses. We just support each other. In fact when I went backstage after making it into the Top 3, she suddenly hugged and congratulated me then she even helped me dress up.”

Look at below pictures. Danielle and Danica Magpantay looks very beautiful and no visible competition between them.
Danica and Danielle Magpantay Photos
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