Friday, October 30, 2009

Losing links from edu domain

most valuable edu linkSome time ago, I was spoiled by a few forums and blogs that can be entrusted backlink. Sometimes, the link deposit little smelly garbage. We can not deny that the links from edu is hunted and expected. Various methods will be taken to get support from the edu domain.

Forum UPI is the first forum I know. Moderator of the forum has a good heart. There was never a scene where the forum user removed from the forum due to installing some links. Lots of forum users who stuffed a link in each posting. In the past, this forum is still dofollow. However, unfortunately these forums are now installing nofollow attribute.

Is dot edu is a free blog provider. We can create a dummy blog there to get valuable links. However, unfortunately now these blogs have not received registration. In addition, many blogs on there have been deleted.

Links from edu domain is very valuable when viewed from the standpoint of SEO. How did you get links from edu domain? Let’s share guys!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Are serum S100B proteins on patients with TBI important to be studied?

Traumatic brain injury is a lot of tragedies happened and major contributing cause of death and permanent disability. Each year, an estimated 0.3% to 0.5% of the world population suffered head injuries. Each year, from 1.4 million people affected by head injuries in the United States, 50,000 of them died, 235,000 people had to hospitalization, and 1.1 million should be treated in the emergency room. In fact, the productive age group between 15 to 24 years is the highest risk group.

According to Summers, et al (2009), motor vehicle accidents are the second largest cause of traumatic brain injury incidence in the United States in the year 1995 to 2001. Along with the progress of transportation, the incidence of head injuries also increased. According to the news from the department of health, the number of road accidents in 2003 reached 13,399 events with the number of deaths reached 9865 people, 6142 people suffered severe injuries and 8694 minor injuries. With data on average every day events occurred 40 traffic accidents that resulted in 30 people died. The majority of these accident victims also include the productive age group, i.e. between 15 to 40 years. The number of incidents of traffic accidents also continues to increase. Based on data from depkominfo, the number of accident cases in 2008 reached 18,000 and increased to 19,000 cases in 2009.

Traumatic brain injury is one of the many diseases that cause losses. More than a thousand people had to undergo hospitalization for head injuries. The number of people with head injuries ranked first of all hospitalized patients in RSCM. According to Wijarnaka Y (2005), traumatic brain injury is also the second ranked cause of hospitalization in Hospital Nursing Nugroho in the first quarter of 2005. Traumatic brain injury cases fall into 3 major cases most often handled in RSUP Dr. Sardjito (BNS, vol 4 No. 2 77-93, Feb 2003). During the years 2006, 1924 patients or 4.5% of the 28,609 patients who come in IRD RSUP Dr. Sardjito come because of traffic accidents. In fact, from the mortality data for the year 2006, from 194 patients who died, 44.9% caused by head injuries. Patients who died of head injuries were 81% a severe traumatic brain injury.

The high mortality rate, especially head injuries in severe traumatic brain injury patients, rapid treatment is necessary and appropriate in handling traumatic brain injury cases. The handling traumatic brain injury is determined by the type and degree of severity of head injuries. So far, the degree of severity of traumatic brain injury is determined by clinical examination and investigation. Investigations which have been used to determine the degree of severity of traumatic brain injury is the Computed Tomography scan (CT scan). However, the availability of CT-scan is very limited because the price is relatively expensive. In addition, a CT-scan was also considered less practical because it requires mobilization of the patient. This will be difficult if there are conditions that do not allow for mobilization. Because of the problems above, a CT-scan is not routinely done in the series.

Recently, examination of S100B protein was proposed to assess the degree of severity of head injuries. S100B proteins are protein in the cytoplasm and are involved in the regulation of several processes such as cell differentiation, progression, and cell cycle. This protein is a glial specific protein and is expressed primarily by astrocyte. In adult humans, this protein increased due to nervous system injury. This makes S100B protein can be used as a potential clinical marker.

S100B protein is released after brain injury and increased concentration in cerebrospinal fluid. In addition, the increases in permeability of BBB (Blood Brain Barrier) causes these proteins are released into the bloodstream so that levels are elevated in plasma / serum. (Willoughby et al, 2004 and Stocchetti, 2005).

As a biomarker, these proteins can be measured from serum or plasma both arteries and veins, are not affected by hemolysis, is stable within a few hours before the examination, has a sensitivity and high specificity to brain injury, is not affected gender and age, rapidly detected in the serum, and concentration indicates the extent of damaged tissue. . This protein positively correlated with the degree of head trauma and negatively with clinical output. This makes it a potential clinical marker (Korfias et al, 2006).

In several studies of protein S100B correlated with the degree of brain injury caused by encephalopathy for sepsis, central nervous system depression because respiratory depression by an overdose of benzodiazepines, extensive brain damage due to head injuries in autopsy cases, a long time that cardiac surgery causes hypoxia and depression central nervous system, and hypoxia in neonates.

Compared with CT scan, examination S100B protein is more practical because it does not require mobilization of the patient. S100B examination is also relatively more expensive than CT scan. Besides being invasive, examination of this protein is also very possible to be done in a serial examination.

Kinetics of serum S100B protein is very important to know because it can be used to determine when the right time inspection in monitoring disease progression, and to determine if the severity of the disease has been proven in a study. In addition, examination of serum S100B protein can also be used to monitor therapy and a series can be used to determine the prognosis of patients with head injuries. In cases of severe traumatic brain injury is expected kinetics information can be used optimally because of the need to handle these cases quickly and accurately.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thrown away from Serunya Belajar SEO

Thrown away from Serunya Belajar SEO
Today I was very surprised when I saw the article Serunya Belajar SEO was not in the top 10 SEO contest organized by the Cosa Aranda. This morning, before leaving for college, I took time to check search engine ranking position. At that time, this blog was still in the top 10.

I saw one contestant has just published his article but the article can be darted into the first rank. I was amazed at that blog. I was trying to learn strategy used by the blog owner. I was shocked when I saw that article got many links from sites classified ads. Before, I thought links from text ads are not too useful because it can not write anchor text.

I also followed this strategy. To avoid the sandbox, I wrote about 5 free classifieds ads. Five links spread across multiple sites classified ads. Because there are lectures at 08.00 am, I was soon ready to go to college.

After I came home from college, I checked the results of the line advertising strategies. Search results at with keywords Serunya Belajar SEO really surprising. An article in this blog was thrown away on page 3. Meanwhile, a dummy blog articles which are rarely updated even get into the top 10.

I think Serunya Belajar SEO contest is really exciting. Support from you may be bringing a miracle. There is still a bit of hope to return to the first page even be ranked first. Please put a link to to support me in the contest Serunya Belajar SEO. Please, help me in learning SEO! Thanks, guys!

Vast - Thrown Away lyrics

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

How tea can prevent osteoporosis?

drinking tea prevent osteoporosis
Tea is beverages that accompany every food we eat. Sometimes, tea is a refreshing beverage opener when we got up early. This drink is also a loyal friend when we're tired or relaxed. Tea is also a heated atmosphere while we chatted with the family. Did you know that our habit of tea drinking is a lot of benefit? It turned out that tea can protect us from one of the most feared disease of post-menopausal women, namely osteoporosis. Tea has been medically proven to prevent osteoporosis, a disease which reduces bone density.

Some institutions have published several medical journals about how tea can prevent osteoporosis. In 2000, American Society for Clinical Nutrition published their findings on the effects of tea on bone density. The study was conducted to the elderly woman in Cambridge, United Kingdom. In 2003, American Journal of Epidemiology has published a journal that strengthens the previous findings. Object of research on this discovery is more extensive. The study involved a larger object. Both men and women involved in this research. Some ethnic is also involved in this study. In addition to the effects of drinking tea, the researchers also compared the amount of tea to drink with bone density.

The study showed that the increase in bone density associated with the level of tea consumption. People, who drink tea as much as 4 cups or more, will have an increase in bone density higher than those who drank about 2-3 cups of tea. So was what happened to the people who drink about 2-3 cups of tea a day. They have denser bones than nondaily tea drinkers. So, more and more consumption of tea will increase bone density.

Then how the mechanisms of tea in increasing bone density thus preventing osteoporosis? Actually tea contains beneficial substances or harmful bone density.

Tea also contains caffeine, a substance in coffee that has adverse effects on bone density. Although the caffeine content of the tea leaf is higher (2-3 percent vs.1 percent) compared with that of roasted coffee, tea is diluted more than coffee for drinking. The average caffeine content of a tea beverage in the United States is about 30-45 mg / cup, while that of a coffee beverage is about 60-129 mg / cup. Thus, adverse effects of caffeine from tea on bone density less than coffee.

Beneficial effects of tea on bone density obtained from isoflavanoid content. Besides being an antioxidant, isoflavanoid also has the effect of estrogen. The hormone estrogen is a hormone that has a function in maintaining bone density. Post-menopausal women have high risk for osteoporosis because of decreased estrogen production. Isoflavanoid can function as estrogen replacement can prevent osteoporosis. Besides containing flavonoids, tea also contains catechins. These substances can stimulate the cells which responsible for repairing bone cells. This substance stimulates the cells through estrogen receptors.

Tea not only contains substances that stimulate repair function of bone cells. These drinks also contain fluoride. As we know, this substance is a substance that serves to strengthen bones and teeth.

Apparently, the tea can prevent osteoporosis through various mechanisms. Content of substances in tea are beneficial for maintaining bone density. In addition to preventing osteoporosis, these substances would also have many other benefits such as preventing cancer. In fact, there are several studies that show that tea extracts have the effect of antibiotics and antifungal. One topic that is often discussed is the effect of tea tree oil to treat toenail fungus.

Compared soft drink drinking culture, tea drinking culture would have been better. Let us preserve the culture of tea drinking to stay healthy!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Get tickets through the internet

Enjoying leisure time on the weekend with a concert of music is very enjoyable. Soft music can ease the fatigue that attacks us for a week. This weekend, there will be a concert of music that is very worthy to be enjoyed. Music concert is titled World Peace Orchestra, will be held on Saturday October 17, 2009 at Graha Sabha Pramana GMU. The concert features several international musicians such as percussionist Steve Thornton and saxophonist Joe Rosenberg.

In addition to showing the international musicians, the concert also features several local musicians, like Krisdayanti and Dewa Bujana. The concert will be led by Dwiki Dharmawan. I think the concert will be very interesting. Because I just saw the announcement on the street, I did not get to see the announcement in detail. I do not know where I can get these tickets. I also do not know how much the ticket price.

At the time I was confused in the search for tickets to watch the World Peace Orchestra, I am trying to find tickets through the internet. I found a website that provides a variety of tickets. Website is In addition to providing music concert tickets, they also provide sports tickets and stadium tickets. After seeing the list of available tickets, I am very interested to get 3 tickets, they are Notre Dame Stadium Tickets, Rosemont Theater Tickets, and Soldier Field Tickets. I am really satisfied with the information provided by this website. They were fully informing about the events held.

Experience in Hunting Cheap Tickets

Cheap goods would be much hunted. I am among those who enjoy hunting goods cheaper. I prefer to wait until a promo so they can get a discount. Sometimes, I am also looking for cheap goods through friends. The best bargains are often hunted cheap tickets. There are many experiences in getting cheap tickets, even free.

1. Hunting for cheap theater tickets.

This story begins when I was in high school. I have a friend who lived near the Mataram Theater. My friend has a special access to get a cheap ticket. In fact, he often went theater without a ticket. To get the cheap tickets, I often ask my friend for help. If lucky, we could enter the theater for free. How do I get cheap tickets at other theater? I've read that there are websites that provide Rosemont Theater Tickets with a very low price.

2. Hunting stadium tickets.

My friend also has known the officer Mandala Krida stadium. He often watches the game at the stadium without tickets. If he is not lucky, he could get a cheap ticket to enter the stadium. To get stadium tickets in other country, I also saw a website that provides Notre Dame Stadium Tickets at affordable prices. Notre Dame Stadium is a stadium in USA which is often used for a variety of football games. If I had enough money, I want to watch the game in this stadium. In addition to Notre Dame Stadium Tickets, the website provides the Soldier Field Tickets. This stadium is one of the oldest stadiums in Chicago. There are a lot of games are played at the stadium. We can watch football, basketball, baseball, or hockey. Sometimes, the stadium is also used for musical performances. I would love to have friends who want to give me music concert tickets.

Nggak Belajar Pretes

Pretes belajar apa? Topik tersebut sangat hangat dibicarakan di plurk kemarin malam. Hampir semua plurker PD 2006 memasang status yang berhubungan dengan pretes koma. Modul koma ini memang merupakan modul yang paling laris manis. Untuk mendapatkan 50 kursi yang tersedia di modul ini, puluhan orang rela bermalam dan begadang di kampus. Bahkan ada beberapa orang yang harus main petak umpet dengan satpam di gedung Radio Putro.

Hari ini merupakan hari pertama masuk kuliah bagi teman-teman yang mengambil modul koma. Satu hal yang membuat heboh adalah hari pertama masuk ini langsung disuguhi pretes. Berhubung tidak ada buku panduan blok, hampir semua orang bingung harus belajar darimana untuk mempersiapkan pretes. Hasilnya adalah status pretes bertebaran dan serunya belajar mungkin sudah terlupakan karena keasyikan koalisi di plurk. Selain itu, malam itu juga lebih dipenuhi dengan ajang membangun koalisi untuk menghadapi pretes.

Ruang kuliah sudah penuh sejak sebelum jam 8 pagi. Detik-detik menunggu seperti apakah rasanya menikmati serunya belajar modul koma yang harus didapatkan dengan penuh perjuangan ini. Seperempat jam berlalu begitu saja. Tiba-tiba datanglah seorang dosen membawa setumpuk kertas. Pretes dimulai dan koalisi pun berjalan dengan sukses.

Waktu pun menunjukkan pukul 08.30. Semua bersiap untuk mendengarkan kuliah pendahuluan. Namun, hingga jarum panjang berputar 180 derajat, belum ada dosen yang mengisi hampanya layar terkembang tersebut. Dugaan akan kosongnya kuliah pendahuluan pun menjadi kenyataan. Kekecewaan yang terbungkus rapi di dalam rasa bahagia ini akhirnya terobati saat kuliah tentang dasar-dasar koma dimulai. Rasa bahagia yang membungkus rapi rasa kecewa tersebut muncul kembali saat mengetahui bahwa kuliah hanya berlangsung setengah jam karena pada waktu yang bersamaan ada pemilihan ketua bagian.

Dugaan akan bertambahnya anak-anak terlantar pun mencuat. Muncul sebuah kabar bahwa kuliah jam 10.30 juga kosong. Berhubung satu jam lagi adalah waktu ishoma, maka beberapa anak pun memutuskan untuk meluncur ke kantin. Berlima menyusuri pinggiran Sardjito menuju kampus. Baru saja menyeberang jalan kesehatan, tiba-tiba ada seorang teman di seberang berteriak bahwa ternyata dosen sudah datang. Tanpa berpikir panjang, lima orang tersebut kembali menuju ruang kuliah di bagian syaraf. Hampir setengah jalan menuju ruang kuliah, salah satu anak pun baru terpikir untuk menanyakan kabar tersebut kepada salah satu anak yang masih dengan setia menunggu di ruang kuliah. Ternyata kabar tersebut hanya gosip semata.

Menit demi menit pun digunakan untuk menikmati betapa serunya jadwal ishoma yang lebih dominan pada "ma". Beberapa detik setelah jamaah sholat dzuhur usai, mendung dan tetesan air mata dari langit menandakan bahwa akan segera turun hujan. Adu cepat antara lambaian kaki dan turunnya air hujan pun dimulai. Namun, apa daya gravitasi membuat hujan tak lagi mampu dikejar. Setelah 10 menit beradu cepat dengan jatuhnya air hujan, sampailah di ruang kuliah dengan membawa bekas-bekas pertarungan. Beberapa detik kemudian, terdengar sayup-sayup suara yang menandakan bahwa kuliah dipindah esok hari. Apakah 50 orang tersebut begadang demi kuliah setengah jam di hari pertama? Sungguh serunya hari ini tidak sebanding dengan serunya hari ini. Hanya ada koalisi seru dalam pretes untuk mengantisipasi ketidaksiapan karena nggak belajar. Paling tidak sudah bisa mengikuti jati diri bangsa yang membangun kabinet baru yang didukung oleh koalisi yang kuat. Ngomongin koalisi, serunya belajar seo pasti akan lebih nikmat jika dibangun dengan koalisi.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

10 Mistakes Made in Clinical Rotations

This morning, when I check email, I get an email notification from Medscape. Apparently there is a new topic in the forum. Discussion deals with the 10 mistakes made in the Clinical Rotations to be avoided by a medical student. Topic is preceded by an article from Kendra Campbell, a medical student who was on duty in Emergency Medicine. Hopefully we do not make these mistakes when we are in Clinical Rotations!

1. Arguing with a patient.
This is an exercise in futility, and is very unprofessional.

2. Reporting a physical finding without actually observing it.
I've even seen a student get in trouble for documenting a physical finding on a patient who had been discharged already.

3. Pimping your resident or attending.
Med school is similar to the military when it comes to respecting your place in the chain of command. Attendings pimp residents and med students. Residents pimp med students. Thou shalt not pimp up the chain.

4. Disrespecting the nurses.
Seriously, this is a huge no-no. If you want to make your life miserable, make the nurses hate you. If you want to enjoy your time at the hospital, befriend every nurse you meet.

5. Dressing inappropriately.
I've seen this rule broken many times, and yet it never fails to shock me. We've probably all seen at least one female wearing 4-inch stiletto heels, or showing so much cleavage that you could use their chest to make an anatomical drawing. There's a time and a place for everything, and the hospital is not a place to dress provocatively.

6. Documenting an important positive finding without alerting your resident or attending.
If you discover that a patient has rebound tenderness, or a temperature of 103.7, don't write this in a note and walk away. You must always alert your higher-ups to significant findings, or else you will find yourself getting chewed out for a good while.

7. Showing up late.
This is a particular pet peeve of mine, and one that some students seem to think is insignificant. People notice when you're late. It's unprofessional and disrespectful to the rest of the group. Traffic is not an excuse. Leave your residence early enough to get to the hospital with plenty of time to spare.

8. Performing a procedure without having been authorized to do so.
If the resident walks in on you placing a central line on a patient without their authorization, you will find yourself in deep trouble with the doctor, hospital, and potentially a courtroom.

9. Forgetting you are in a hospital.
This is something that is easier said than done. We spend so many hours in the hospital that it's easy to forget that we are surrounded by very ill people. It's not a high school football game; it's a hospital, people.

10. Being a slacker.
We all have seen students who try to get by with the bare minimum in everything they do. If you want to throw away a ridiculous amount of money, not learn anything, and end up being a crappy doctor, then by all means slack off during your clinical years. If you want to learn a lot and become an incredible doctor, then put in the time and effort.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Touching The G-spot

GMU has a free blog facility. This facility is much simpler than the web hosting facilities. Blog is already equipped with the wordpress engine, so we do not need to install first. However, unfortunately this facility is less publicized. I know the facility when I join "Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009" Seo Contest. At that time, there is a blog that uses this facility and made it into the top 10.

I register a blog with a name "bowspot not a g-spot". LoL. This name is a little weird. Because I forgot my email password, I have to remember that I can open the email for verification. On this cold night, I was only able to open the email and touch the G-spot. It was delicious when writing in blogs that are still virgins. LoL

Features available on this blog are very complete. Besides using the latest Worpress machine, this blog also includes some very useful plugins, such as All in one seo pack.

To use the facilities of the GMU blog, you must have a webmail email from UGM. To get these emails, you can come to PPTIK. Bring a copy of KTM. There, you will be asked to fill out a form. After that, you will get an email facilities, web hosting, and GMU proxy username. Have you already used this facility? Let's use it!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Swimming can prevent and treat cancer?

Swimming prevent and treat cancer
Can swimming prevent and treat cancer? Based on statistics, cancer is the second largest cause of death in the U.S. after heart disease. In the year 2006, 559.888 die from this disease. Malignancy in the prostate, female breast, and lung cancer occupying the top three most widely attacked U.S. population. From these three malignancies, lung cancer is a disease that causes the most deaths.

Besides being the largest cause of death, cancer is a disease that also cost quite a lot. To treat cancer, chemical treatment, radiation, and even surgical treatment are required. Many cancer patients are trapped by the expensive cost of cancer treatment.

Expensive cancer treatments make researchers interested to seek alternative treatment for this disease even more affordable. In May 2009, researchers from Norway published a study that gives new hope in the field of cancer treatment. They prove that the swimming training inhibits the growth of tumor cells in mice. In fact, the size of tumors in mice trained to swim can be reduced by 64% compared to the size of tumors in mice that were not trained to swim.

In this study, researchers injected tumor cells into mice. Then, the mice were split into two groups. One group was given swim training 5 times a week for 6 weeks. After 6 weeks, the size and weight of tumors from both groups were compared.

From this research, we expect a controlled physical activity such as swimming can be a new approach in preventing cancer and improving the effectiveness of cancer treatment. Let's swim to keep our health.