Friday, October 30, 2009

Losing links from edu domain

most valuable edu linkSome time ago, I was spoiled by a few forums and blogs that can be entrusted backlink. Sometimes, the link deposit little smelly garbage. We can not deny that the links from edu is hunted and expected. Various methods will be taken to get support from the edu domain.

Forum UPI is the first forum I know. Moderator of the forum has a good heart. There was never a scene where the forum user removed from the forum due to installing some links. Lots of forum users who stuffed a link in each posting. In the past, this forum is still dofollow. However, unfortunately these forums are now installing nofollow attribute.

Is dot edu is a free blog provider. We can create a dummy blog there to get valuable links. However, unfortunately now these blogs have not received registration. In addition, many blogs on there have been deleted.

Links from edu domain is very valuable when viewed from the standpoint of SEO. How did you get links from edu domain? Let’s share guys!