Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Experience in Hunting Cheap Tickets

Cheap goods would be much hunted. I am among those who enjoy hunting goods cheaper. I prefer to wait until a promo so they can get a discount. Sometimes, I am also looking for cheap goods through friends. The best bargains are often hunted cheap tickets. There are many experiences in getting cheap tickets, even free.

1. Hunting for cheap theater tickets.

This story begins when I was in high school. I have a friend who lived near the Mataram Theater. My friend has a special access to get a cheap ticket. In fact, he often went theater without a ticket. To get the cheap tickets, I often ask my friend for help. If lucky, we could enter the theater for free. How do I get cheap tickets at other theater? I've read that there are websites that provide Rosemont Theater Tickets with a very low price.

2. Hunting stadium tickets.

My friend also has known the officer Mandala Krida stadium. He often watches the game at the stadium without tickets. If he is not lucky, he could get a cheap ticket to enter the stadium. To get stadium tickets in other country, I also saw a website that provides Notre Dame Stadium Tickets at affordable prices. Notre Dame Stadium is a stadium in USA which is often used for a variety of football games. If I had enough money, I want to watch the game in this stadium. In addition to Notre Dame Stadium Tickets, the website provides the Soldier Field Tickets. This stadium is one of the oldest stadiums in Chicago. There are a lot of games are played at the stadium. We can watch football, basketball, baseball, or hockey. Sometimes, the stadium is also used for musical performances. I would love to have friends who want to give me music concert tickets.