Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Get tickets through the internet

Enjoying leisure time on the weekend with a concert of music is very enjoyable. Soft music can ease the fatigue that attacks us for a week. This weekend, there will be a concert of music that is very worthy to be enjoyed. Music concert is titled World Peace Orchestra, will be held on Saturday October 17, 2009 at Graha Sabha Pramana GMU. The concert features several international musicians such as percussionist Steve Thornton and saxophonist Joe Rosenberg.

In addition to showing the international musicians, the concert also features several local musicians, like Krisdayanti and Dewa Bujana. The concert will be led by Dwiki Dharmawan. I think the concert will be very interesting. Because I just saw the announcement on the street, I did not get to see the announcement in detail. I do not know where I can get these tickets. I also do not know how much the ticket price.

At the time I was confused in the search for tickets to watch the World Peace Orchestra, I am trying to find tickets through the internet. I found a website that provides a variety of tickets. Website is In addition to providing music concert tickets, they also provide sports tickets and stadium tickets. After seeing the list of available tickets, I am very interested to get 3 tickets, they are Notre Dame Stadium Tickets, Rosemont Theater Tickets, and Soldier Field Tickets. I am really satisfied with the information provided by this website. They were fully informing about the events held.

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  1. semoga saya bisa membeli tiket online murah, jika pas membutuhkan...