Saturday, June 26, 2010

Vuvuzela Plurk Emoticon for Soccer fans World Cup 2010

vuvuzela plurk emoticon
World Cup 2010 fever also attacked plurkers. Amir Salihefendic, Plurk developers, has just launched two new emoticons to enliven the World Cup. Two emoticons are vuvuzela and ball. In fact, emoticons vuvuzela available in various colors.

World Cup 2010 can not be separated from the vuvuzela, horn of Africa that is very noisy. Despite the controversy raises a horn, vuvuzela has become one of World Cup 2010 icons. No wonder if plurk developer also makes vuvuzela emoticon to enliven this soccer event.

Do you know how the sound of vuvuzela? Bzzzz .... that's the sound of the horn from Africa. To create vuvuzela emoticons, you simply write (bz). You can add "z" to display the vuvuzela with other colors, for example (bzz), (bzzz), (bzzzz), and so on. In addition to the trumpet-shaped emoticons, you can also bring the ball-shaped emoticon by typing (goal). Happy plurking!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Essential Oil from Piper leaves can cure gastritis

Essential Oil from Piper leaves cure gastritis
Gastritis is a disease that quite disturbing. The disease is often treated with drugs containing antacids. In severe conditions, the Proton-pump inhibitor drugs used to treat these disorders. Gastritis is a disease caused by an inflammation of the stomach. Inflammation is often caused by Helicobacter pylori infection. Several psychological factors can also increase the excretion of gastric acid so that aggravate symptoms of gastritis. In South America, piper leaves is used as natural remedy to cure gastritis. Whether the essential oil from piper leaves can cure gastritis?

Some researchers from Spain, Italy and Brazil do research to prove the benefits of essential oil from piper leaves. They extract the leaves of piper to know how piper can treat gastric ulcers. Apparently, essential oil of piper leaves extract does have some activity that can inhibit gastric ulcer. Piper leaves extract may inhibit inflammation through inhibition of myeloperoxidase activity. Piper leaves extract can also inhibit gastric acid excretion through a proton-pump inhibition. Inhibitory activity of gastric acid excretion was similar to the workings of a proton-pump inhibitor drugs. In addition, the piper leaves extract was also able to overcome the main problems in gastritis, that is Helicobacter pilory infection. Piper leaves extract has the antibiotic effects that can kill Helicobacter pilory.

Piper leaf extract contains flavanoid, nervogenic acid, geranylbenzoat, phytosterols and phytol. Phyotosterols have a strong effect in inhibiting myeloperoxidase. The substance inhibits the release of myeloperoxidase from leukocytes. Flavanoid can also have inhibitory activity of myeloperoxidase but not as strong as phytosterols. Flavanoid in piper leaves extract is very helpful in treating gastritis because it can function as proton-pump inhibitor. Some substances contained in extracts of leaves of piper can also kill Helicobacter pilory through several mechanisms. This is very useful for overcome cases of antibiotic resistance.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Birthday Reminder Feature on Plurk

Plurk now has a new feature that is a birthday reminder. We can find out who our friends who were celebrating birthdays. This birthday reminder is a cake that we can see under the plurker username who was celebrating a birthday. This feature is very useful to remind birthdays of our friends so we do not forget to give a birthday greeting.

During this time, plurker more often say birthday via facebook since facebook has a birthday reminder feature. Given this new feature, we can now give a birthday greeting to our friends through plurk. Birthday greeting via plurk is more expressive than facebook because this microblogging service is providing a lot of funny emoticons which are not available on facebook.

Thanks for Plurk. Birthday reminder feature is a very special gift on second plurk anniversary. In addition to this feature, now plurker can also share stories through plurk labs' blog.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cake on plurk's 2nd birthday

birthday cake plurk anniversaryJune 1st, 2010, plurk celebrate the second birthday. This microblogging service is officially launched two years ago, on June 1st, 2008. Previously, plurk is still in beta. I joined Plurk was also nearly two years, since October 29th, 2008, but only last month I reached karma 100 (doh). On his birthday, plurk gave a special surprise to plurkers. Do you know what the contents of these gifts?

Gift on the 2nd plurk anniversary is not new emoticons. This gift can only be enjoyed by plurker who still using the original layout of plurk. Try changing your plurk theme into original layout. You will see a birthday cake with two candles on your timeline.

Happy birthday, plurk! Hopefully plurk also give new funny plurk emoticons. Let's celebrate plurk anniversary with fireworks. Oya, plurk apparently also had a hidden emoticon in the form of fireworks.

Try typing (fireworks). So, fireworks emoticon will be displayed on your plurk.