Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cake on plurk's 2nd birthday

birthday cake plurk anniversaryJune 1st, 2010, plurk celebrate the second birthday. This microblogging service is officially launched two years ago, on June 1st, 2008. Previously, plurk is still in beta. I joined Plurk was also nearly two years, since October 29th, 2008, but only last month I reached karma 100 (doh). On his birthday, plurk gave a special surprise to plurkers. Do you know what the contents of these gifts?

Gift on the 2nd plurk anniversary is not new emoticons. This gift can only be enjoyed by plurker who still using the original layout of plurk. Try changing your plurk theme into original layout. You will see a birthday cake with two candles on your timeline.

Happy birthday, plurk! Hopefully plurk also give new funny plurk emoticons. Let's celebrate plurk anniversary with fireworks. Oya, plurk apparently also had a hidden emoticon in the form of fireworks.

Try typing (fireworks). So, fireworks emoticon will be displayed on your plurk.

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