Sunday, June 13, 2010

Birthday Reminder Feature on Plurk

Plurk now has a new feature that is a birthday reminder. We can find out who our friends who were celebrating birthdays. This birthday reminder is a cake that we can see under the plurker username who was celebrating a birthday. This feature is very useful to remind birthdays of our friends so we do not forget to give a birthday greeting.

During this time, plurker more often say birthday via facebook since facebook has a birthday reminder feature. Given this new feature, we can now give a birthday greeting to our friends through plurk. Birthday greeting via plurk is more expressive than facebook because this microblogging service is providing a lot of funny emoticons which are not available on facebook.

Thanks for Plurk. Birthday reminder feature is a very special gift on second plurk anniversary. In addition to this feature, now plurker can also share stories through plurk labs' blog.

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