Thursday, April 22, 2010

Update Facebook Status via Plurk

facebook status via plurkIn the past, we can update facebook status via plurk. When we write status on plurk, Our facebook status is also automatically updated. However, recently there was some changes. When we write plurk status, this status is changed to a post when we open facebook. Unlike twitter which automatically makes status update on facebook. Can we still write facebook status through plurk?

Earlier, I tried several unique facebook application. These applications help us to be able to update status and under such status would have made "via the name of the application." Suppose that the application name is the Blackberry, then under our status would have made "via Blackberry". Yup, with such applications, we can make a facebook status that seemed to be written through plurk.

During the day I learned to create a facebook application. Luckily, Facebook provides a wiki for developers to create applications. I also tried to make an application for facebook status updates via plurk, plurk to FB. With this application, the status of our facebook as if updated through plurk. Too bad we can not write facebook and plurk status simultaneously with this application. Do you find applications that help us to be able to write facebook and plurk status