Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How to buy gold for investment

Gold investment is very profitable investment. Gold has become a business tool since the year 560 BC, during the reign of King Croesus in Turkey. Gold as an investment has many advantages. The gold price tends to increase. If we invest in currencies, currency values are highly irregular. The value of gold, which tends to increase can be seen in the chart of gold prices over the last 10 years. Besides having a value which tends to increase, gold investment also has several other advantages. Gold investments have no counterparty risk. Purchasing power for gold is also consistent. In addition, the gold price does not depend on government decisions and the banking system.

To start a gold investment, we must determine the form of gold which we will invest. There are three forms of gold that can be invested in the form of gold jewelry, gold coins and gold bars. Gold jewelry in the form of less recommended for investment. When buying jewelry, we must pay the price of gold and also the cost of making jewelry. However, when we sell jewelry, we will only get the gold price. Construction cost will not be counted when we sell the jewelry. Gold bullion and gold coin are appropriate form for investing in gold.

We can buy gold bullion and gold coins in gold shops, precious metal dealers, or in the office of pawnshops. However, if we buy there, the price we would get higher than if we buy directly on producers. If we want to buy precious metals, we should buy into the manufacturer directly. However, we must also take into account transport costs.

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