Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My first experience in choosing web hosting

During two years of writing blogs, I still do not understand about web hosting. At that time, I just simply write a personal experience in a free blog from blogspot. One time, I met a jogja blogger in a gym. After chatting for a while, he introduced me to the business through blogs. He taught me how to earn money from blogging activities. One suggestion he gives is that we should have some blogs to optimize income from online business. I also made some blog on some free blog provider.

There are a few flaws if we use free blogs. If we are using blogspot, we need the business harder to compete with the blog using wordpress as CMS. In addition, our website address would be too long if we use these free blogs. My friend had advised me to learn wordpress and hosting with domain purchase.

Initially, I was confused in choosing a place to buy hosting. I also tried to find articles about how to choose web hosting. There are some web hosting from abroad that provides hosting with large capacity with a fairly cheap price. Apart from a fairly competitive price, the features provided is also quite comprehensive. We can arrange hosting with ease. In addition to some convenience, some hosting provider from abroad also very often give domain name coupons so that we can buy domains with very cheap price. However, I have not dared to buy hosting from web hosting providers from abroad because I am afraid will have difficulty when applying for customer service assistance.

I also asked my friends who already have a website. He told some of the best web hosting provider in Indonesia. To check whether a web hosting is SEO friendly enough, my friend told me to check the web which has the highest ranking in google with the keyword "best webhosting in Indonesia." The first rank is held by one of the web hosting provider based in yogyakarta. I was looking for information about these web hosting. It turned out that several large sites in Indonesia are also utilizing the services from this hosting provider. I also chose to buy hosting from this hosting provider which based in Sleman district, Yogyakarta. Besides having some pretty good services, this web hosting provider also near from my house.


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