Saturday, April 17, 2010

Download dota map 6.67c from IIX Server

Do you want to download dota map 6.67c from IIX server? Please download this latest map from the link on the bottom of my story. :D

After passing second wave of OSCE comprehensive, I underwent during the 2-month vacation. These holidays have to wait long enough for the queue to get their turn on clinic rotation. My friends who have passed the first wave exam, since 5 April then can enter the clinical rotation. In spare time during the holidays, there are a variety of activities undertaken by my friends. Some friends, who liked to do business, leisure is used to develop the business. Some friends also exist that use this holiday to visit tourist places in Indonesia like Bali. However, there are also friends who use this holiday to play games until satisfied. I included the group that likes to play games. Hehehe .. There are some games I currently play, such as DotA, The Sims 3 and harry potter.

Beginning of the holidays, I played The Sims 3. This game is hard enough to play on my laptop because my laptop is old generation laptop. This game has enough to spend my hard drive capacity. My hard drive already cut about 11 GB to install this game even though I have not installed some expantion pack. Since almost every day I play this game, over time boredom also emerged. This morning I was idly trying to play dota in nusareborn server.

Apparently, almost all games that were there already use dota map 6.67c. Since I do not have that map, I can not come into play. This afternoon, I had to download this latest dota map. I also have to upload the latest DotA map to the IIX server. For my friends who want to download map DotA 6.67c with a faster speed, you can download from this IIX server.

Download dota map 6.67c

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