Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Causative agents of Bartholin's abscess

Bartholin's abscess is the formation of pus in Bartholin's glands. This gland is is located beside the vaginal opening. Pus emerged rapidly in several days. Patients will feel a burning sensation and swelling in the vaginal area. Patients will also feel the pain when doing activities that put pressure on the vaginal area. In addition, walking and sitting can also cause pain that is very disturbing. The disease has not been widely studied. Several physicians from Gifu University, Japan, conducted a study to determine the causative agents of Bartholin's gland abscess.

The study involved about 200 Japanese women who suffer from Bartholin's gland abscess. The results of this research indicate that the formation of pus in the Bartholin's gland are mostly caused by opportunistic bacteria, E. coli. The organisms are normal flora in the intestines that often causes urinary tract infections. Opportunistic bacteria are also often cause various infections in the female genital area, such as inflammation of the Bartholin's glands.

Several years ago, E. coli is not the main cause abscess in the gland in the female genital area. The disease is often caused by N. gonorrhoeae infection . This bacterium is the main cause of sexually transmitted diseases. However, since the decreased incidence of gonorrhea infection, gonococcal bacteria is no longer a major cause of Bartholin's gland abscess.

How the symptoms of this disease? Bartholin's gland abscess patients will feel the pain and swelling in the vaginal opening. The pain often increases during sexual intercourse. Furthermore, patients also feel fever. If you feel these symptoms, immediately consult your doctor so that infection does not spread. Some cases show that this disease can spread and lead to septic shock.

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