Friday, December 25, 2009

New Extra Emoticons for Plurk

Nowadays, plurking is my daily activities. After getting up early, I immediately go to plurk. Before departing for college, I also update my plurk status. Before sleep, I also took to open plurk. In addition to removing tired, plurk is also very useful to see the latest news. Although more of hot gossip, sometimes posting class schedule changes can be followed through plurk. This microblogging service really be exciting media to interact with friends.

About 5 days ago, my friend, Bongky, let me know that there are new extra emoticons for plurk. So far, plurker who has reached karma 100 only get two extra emoticons. Now, there are six additional emoticons for plurker karma that has reached 100.

Here is a list of new extra emoticons for plurker who has reached karma 100. For plurker who have not reached karma 100 but immediately wanted to use this funny emoticons, please copy paste the existing code under the emoticon.

extra emoticon plurk karma 100 01

extra emoticon plurk karma 100 02

extra emoticon plurk karma 100 03

extra emoticon plurk karma 100 04

extra emoticon plurk karma 100 05

extra emoticon plurk karma 100 06

Friday, December 18, 2009

BENQ Joybook Laptop Overheat

When I was playing harry potter game, suddenly my laptop turned off. Likewise, when I'm playing ragnarok. My laptop turned off suddenly when I'm running some heavy applications. When I touch, My BenQ Joybook laptop feels hotter than usual. The wind out from the laptop ventilation was very hot too. Then, I opened google to find out why my laptop turned off suddenly. Apparently, the laptop turned off suddenly is a sign of laptop overheat. One of the most dangerous thing is overheated can cause damage to the laptop components such as VGA. If VGA is damaged, then we also have to replace the motherboard. Motherboard price is very expensive, about $ 300.

I also find out how to deal with laptop overheat. I am also looking for stories about the laptop overheat from other people who also use BenQ Joybook laptops. I also found some articles that discuss this issue. Some steps to prevent the overhead laptops include:
1. Installing notebook cooling fan under the laptop
2. Installing software that can increase the laptop's internal fan speed, for example speedfan.
3. Turn the air conditioner or fan in the laptop

I have conducted the first tips. Then, I also tried the second tips. Speedfan can monitor hard drive temperature and core temperature of a laptop. In addition, this software can also be used to set the laptop's internal fan speed. I use this software for a week but no improvement. The incident that made me more worried is the laptop suddenly turned off after my laptop on for 1 hour while application that runs only adobe reader. After the incident, I brought my laptop to a BENQ service center. A day later, my laptop was back to normal. Apparently, my laptop is only cleaned by qualified BENQ. Though already past the warranty period of 3 years, this laptop cleaning services is free of charge. Because of free of charge, I thought I should more often take this laptop to a service center to be cleaned.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Playing Online Poker Games

Poker is one of my favorite card game. When I was in high school, I often play this game during recess or when there is no lesson. Because of this game, me and some of my friends never punished for playing during lesson. At that time, we were art classes. Because, the classroom atmosphere allows for play. I and my three friends to play poker in the rear table.

Poker is not just any card game. In this game, we are required to be able to calculate all possibilities and probabilities. There are several combinations of cards that have a high value. If we can combine well card, any chance of winning will be high.

A few days ago, my computer is damaged. I borrowed my brother's computer. Because some favorite online games, such as ragnarok, not in the computer, I tried a few games online. I found a poker game can be played online. Game is called poker stars. The game is somewhat different from the game that I played poker with my friends. In poker stars, we can use PokerStars Bonus Code to follow a few tournaments. To be able to get PokerStars Bonus Code, we can find it via google. To get a bonus, we must create an account first. To create an account, we also need to enter PokerStars Marketing Code. We can get the code by searching on the internet.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Play Ragnarok at Zeus RO Private Server

Zeus RO Private ServerMore than two weeks I did not update this blog. A few days after watching the movie "New Moon", I was invited by my friend to come back to play ragnarok. I also followed an invitation from my friend to play ragnarok in Zeus RO. Incidentally, Zeus is a private server that is supported by telkom speedy.

I am really surprised by some changes in ragnarok game compared with ragnarok game when I was high school. Zeus Server has a very high rate. Base Exp and Job Exp rate reached 2000 times compared to the normal server. Item rate is also much higher than the Loki server. We can easily get a lot of cards in zeus server.

After a week of playing in private server ragnarok, I am interested to try using a bot program. With this program, we can raise the level or hunt for an item without having to sit in front of the computer. Our players executed automatically by a program. I am very interested to learn this program. Interest in the program to hunt OpenKore items in ragnarok game can make us very mad, in Javanese language means Gendeng. A few days ago, I found a trick that can run a bot program that can generate a lot of zeny. However, I heard that there is a new server. It was said that we could get some equipment and hundreds of millions of zeny if we play on that server during the open beta.