Sunday, December 13, 2009

Play Ragnarok at Zeus RO Private Server

Zeus RO Private ServerMore than two weeks I did not update this blog. A few days after watching the movie "New Moon", I was invited by my friend to come back to play ragnarok. I also followed an invitation from my friend to play ragnarok in Zeus RO. Incidentally, Zeus is a private server that is supported by telkom speedy.

I am really surprised by some changes in ragnarok game compared with ragnarok game when I was high school. Zeus Server has a very high rate. Base Exp and Job Exp rate reached 2000 times compared to the normal server. Item rate is also much higher than the Loki server. We can easily get a lot of cards in zeus server.

After a week of playing in private server ragnarok, I am interested to try using a bot program. With this program, we can raise the level or hunt for an item without having to sit in front of the computer. Our players executed automatically by a program. I am very interested to learn this program. Interest in the program to hunt OpenKore items in ragnarok game can make us very mad, in Javanese language means Gendeng. A few days ago, I found a trick that can run a bot program that can generate a lot of zeny. However, I heard that there is a new server. It was said that we could get some equipment and hundreds of millions of zeny if we play on that server during the open beta.


  1. wah...maen ragnarok juga ya..
    emang bagus game ini..:)

    salam kenal...jgn lupa kunjungan baliknya ya bro :)

  2. Hi bro, I am glad to read your comment on up however u has founded some trick to run the bot program ^^
    can the program running on ZeusRO? If it can please send me at email to:
    thanks before
    your regrats

  3. I had to turn the client to pass botkiller. This is very draining memory. I've heard that there are plugins that can help in passing a killer boots. However, I can not manage the plugin configuration.

  4. hi all, q anak SBY,
    bsa bantu g dapetin CDnya RO zeus??
    ato lnk ke situsnya biar bsa download, thx all

  5. pliss kunjungi blog saya :