Saturday, February 20, 2010

6 reasons why I like plurk more than twitter and facebook

plurk more attractiveWe have a lot of social networking sites that we can follow. These sites offer many facilities. Each site has unique characteristics. Among the many social networking sites, I'm quite active through facebook, plurk and twitter. However, if I update my status, I more frequently update through plurk. Status will also appear on facebook and twitter. There are several reasons why I prefer plurk.

1. Plurk does not need high class computer and fast connectivity
My computer is a computer belonging to ancient times that have only a very limited memory. If i open heavy program, my computer often does not respond. I often experienced this when opening facebook. However, if I open a plurk or twitter, I rarely deal with the problem..

2. Plurk provides unique emoticons
From the first, I was obsessed to have complete plurk emoticons. Although facebook also provides some hidden smileys, this facility is only available for chat. Facebook smiley facilities can not be used for status or comments

4. Plurk more easily to monitor the status from time to time
I still have a hard time going to see the status twitter a few days ago. These problems will not be found in plurk because I simply move the timeline to monitor the status from time to time.

5. Plurk layout more diverse
Among these three networking site, facebook is the only site that does not provide facilities to change the layout. Although there are several ways to change the look of facebook, but the layout can not be seen by others. Twitter provides a facility to change the layout. However, more varied plurk layout. Moreover, now many sites that provide free plurk layout

6. Plurk has a karma system
Karma is one of the factors that encourage us to always update the status of plurk. This system can not be found on twitter or facebook. The higher the karma we are, more fun emoticons that we can use.

Yup, some of the above are all factors that made me more like plurk. How about you?