Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How to get plurk emoticons for 100 karma?

plurk emoticons for 100 karmaI was very surprised when my friend can use Taser plurk emoticons. I think a few days ago he still had the karma around 95. How he could use emoticons that can only be used if he already have 100 karma?

There is an oddity when I watched that emoticon. Every time he put emoticons for 100 karma, there's always a username with URL link before emoticons. It turned out it was true. If we type the username's URL then plurk emoticon code, the emoticon for 100 karma will appear. For example, (Taser). Plurk status, will appear as below:

taser plurk emoticon

When I try again, it did not have to use the URL plurk username. We can use any URL to bring out the unique emoticons.
For example, (fish_hit) It will appear as below:

fish hit plurk emoticon

Besides (Taser), you also can use other codes such as:

extra emoticon plurk karma 100 03(Coffee)

extra emoticon plurk karma 100 04(fish_hit)

extra emoticon plurk karma 100 05(muscle)

BTW, I do not know the code to create an emoticons banana carrying a sword.
extra emoticon plurk karma 100 01
Did you know?