Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Plurk Hidden Emoticon

plurk logo
Plurk emoticon is one factor that makes this social network site is favored by many people. To get a complete plurk emoticon, you must achieve a certain karma score. In order to quickly reach the limit of karma, there are some tricks to improve karma. However, although we have a high karma score, there are still some plurk emoticons can not yet emerged.

To get these hidden emoticons, there are several ways. For example, you have to invite 10 people. Relax! To get the collection of emoticons, there are special tricks that you can invite 10 friends easily. Apparently, these days there is a new hidden emoticons. In fact, a way to get it is very easy. What kind of plurk hidden emoticons?

To get a super cute emoticons above, there is very easy way. You just type the code below:


Good luck! Happy plurking!