Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Helping My Sister in learning Math

I have sister who was still in high school. Soon, he will undergo a national examination. National exam is a test that determines a student's high school graduation. However, this test does not determine whether he can be accepted at certain universities. From several subjects in the national exam, math is one subject that is most feared by most high school students. Therefore, many students need math tutoring.

Toward the national exam, my sister got a lot of math homework. He often asked for help to me in working through these math problems. As I have not started working on thesis, I was able to guide my brother in doing math. However, I got busy when I started doing research and thesis about brain injury marker. I also took the initiative to find a math tutoring. I think there are many sites that provide free math tutoring.

In working on math, my sister often had difficulty in working on calculus problems. When there is spare time, I teach my sister about calculus. Sometimes, I just find calculus help which is available on the internet. Internet world is very useful, including useful in helping to learn mathematics.


  1. so..., which one? you or google taught your sister?

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