Saturday, January 16, 2010

Four Eclipse in 2010

eclipse in 2010
When i searched about Januari 2010 sun eclipse, i found a site which specifically discussing about eclipse. I think this site is quite reliable because the site is managed by NASA. In addition to predictions show when eclipses will occur, this site also store documents that contain solar eclipses and lunar eclipses ever seen from earth ground.

Nasa's site covers everything about eclipses with great detail. Starting from the chronology of eclipses and complicated calculations about the eclipse can be found there.

Oya, let us return to the topic. NASA predicts that there will be 4 eclipse that occurred in the year 2010.

2010 Jan 15: Annular Solar Eclipse
2010 Jun 26: Partial Lunar Eclipse
2010 Jul 11: Total Solar Eclipse
2010 Dec 21: Total Lunar Eclipse

In addition to 4 eclipses above, comrades must also wait for another one, sequel of twilight movie, Eclipse. Let us enjoy the beauty of eclipses in the year 2010.

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