Saturday, January 9, 2010

Let's Kick out of blogosphere!

Kick out of blogosphere
There is a weird news that struck me when opening plurk. Addiehf angry at blog. Immediately, I was shocked. Why my friend is angry at blog about muslim news. I thought blog contains true Muslims news. Any curiosity made me open a blog. What is the content of this blog?

The contents of blog are really far from my estimates. In addition to the articles was misleading, blogs are also showing some pictures that are not eligible to appear.

What should we do in responding to this blog? Do we have to take blog commenting and enliven it. Instead we waste time to respond to this misleading blog, we'd better report it to the How?

First, let's open
Second, please complete the form provided. Write your email in "your email" box. Then, write on "Blog URL" box. For the reason box, you can fill with "Content is obscene and defamation cause of religious and racial hatred"

Let's Kick out of blogosphere!!