Saturday, January 30, 2010

9 Flip Text Generators to write upside down

flip text, how to write upside downThis morning, I saw my friend's plurk username turned into a rather odd name. Apparently he write his username by upside down, which known as flip text. Flip text is the result of reflection from a text, therefore, often also called as mirror text.

If you write "how to create flip text" the machine will automatically create a reflection upside down into ʇxǝʇ dılɟ ǝʇıɹʍ oʇ ʍoɥ. Do we have to use certain software to write upside down?

Lots of websites that provide free tools to make the text fold. Here is a list of 20 websites that provide facilities to create a flip text or write upside down:

9 Flip Text Generators:


  1. A couple more:

  2. You forgot the best site! For flipping text Upside Down, I would highly recommend this website (upside down text)

    It has a button to send your Upside Down Text direct to Twitter and Facebook, can generate HTML for your website... and even has an upside down pyramid maker (there's a link titled pyramid at the bottom of the page)

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