Thursday, September 17, 2009

Colloidal silver as antibiotics in the clothing

I had fun seeing the health problems that are hot in the U.S. within 7 days. One of the topics that stuck out was Colloidal Silver. I really do not understand what Colloidal Silver was. Finally, I decided to ask Google why the much talked about Colloidal Silver. One article mentions that Colloidal Silver can be used to prevent the spread of swine flu.

I also opened the HighWire to find the relationship between swine flu and Colloidal Silver. It turned out I did not find a journal that mentions the relationship between the silver with a virus. However, I instead found a study on the effects of Colloidal Silver inhibits the growth of bacteria. Research conducted by Korean researchers studied nanosized Colloidal silver solutions are embedded in the fabric. How the results of this research? Unfortunately this journal is not published for free, so we have to pay to see how a piece of cloth could inhibit bacterial growth.

If only a cloth could have an antibiotic effect, this will be very useful in countries that many infectious diseases such as Indonesia. The clothes we wear can inhibit the spread of infection. Hopefully, the scientists also examined Indonesia and utilize this technology.


  1. Collodial silve now in indonesia..
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  3. Silver-containing products are used in hospital and hotel water distribution systems to control infectious agents. Silver has been used to sterilize recycled water aboard the MIR space station and on the NASA space shuttle, and I think these type of clothing will become very popular.

  4. I know that in many churches are used silver spoons because they are antibacterial, so I see a great future for this product.