Saturday, September 26, 2009

Crippling terrorist

tiny terrorist the ratsToday I managed to stifle terrorist which every night disturbing the peace. This incident started because of an incident that happened last night. How chronological occurrence of the arrest this terrorist?

Last night, I woke up at midnight. My laptop is still on. I remembered that at about 20:00 I was writing in my blog about the toenail fungus cure. Since it was a day of sightseeing, I was still tired. I lay down for a while. Warm blanket made me dissolve into a dream.

Middle of the night I just woke up. I went back to writing blogs. Half-hour in front of my laptop, suddenly there was sound, "duump!" All the lights in my house went out. The atmosphere was very dark. Since I was chatting with a friend, I still turn on the laptop about half an hour. With the glow of the phone, I headed to my room at 01.00.

When I was about to enjoy a dream, I heard a noise. I heard some small objects moving. The sound is very noisy. Sometimes I hear the sound of a falling object. I'm really annoyed. Tiny terrorist is really disturbing peace in the middle of the night. Genesis of the most annoying is hairy and tailless creature suddenly touched my hand. I was really surprised. I can not do anything because it was very dark. After that, I'm cool. I let the little terrorist bother me.

Who was the tiny terrorist who broke the silence of the night? Of course he was not Noordin M Top. He is a rat. I decided that I would catch it when the atmosphere was light again.

The hunt began after my breakfast. I was locked my room. Armed with broom, I and my father were hunting the tiny terrorist. Within 15 minutes, the rat was successfully disabled. A broom becomes the victim in the hunt. A broom is now split into three parts. Here are some photos of my room atmosphere after the hunt.

Oops, turns out it's almost 10:00. I had to shower because there syawalan at 11 o'clock in jogloabang.


  1. hoho...
    good morning sir...

    gambar tikuse sip buanget...

  2. wah kalo ke swalayan mah ga ad tikus bakar dong (lmao)

    ke swalayan apa ke RM neeh :D