Saturday, August 15, 2009

Insomnia After Drinking Coffee

insomnia coffee
At this time I do not feel sleepy though already late at night. Yeah, two hours ago, I accompanied pipi merah who will consult about the essay with our senior at Citro Cafe. Originally, I only planned to take my friend to citro to meet with our senior. They would discuss about how to use SPSS to analyze essay's data.

At 20.00, we were arrived at citro cafe. Because our senior has not come yet, I decided to accompany her until our senior arrives. Like the guru of Stop Dreaming Start Action suggested, I ordered a cup of coffee. Oops, the coffee was not served when our senior arrived.

Discussion started and I just could pay attention to the discussion while was waiting the coffee. I decided to participate in discussion while was enjoying a cup of coffee. The discussion ended at 22.00.

I arrived at home on 10 pm. But, I did not feel sleepy. It was insomnia attack because of coffee. I think it was time to delay dreaming, so I could start some action to support Kontes SEO Aristia Wida Rukmi and Rusli Zainal Sang Visioner, as joko susilo's slogan, Stop Dreaming Start Action.


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