Friday, August 7, 2009

Celebrated The 1st Anniversary

chocolate cake
Last night, i celebrated the 1st anniversary of my relationship with verdika. We planned that we went to cafe after sunset prayer. We think at that time we could see the beautiful full moon. We planned to went to I-cafe. I-cafe is a cafe on indraloka home stay. It is located on sagan, near the Dr. YAP eye hospital. We hope we can enjoy the beautiful full moon in the cafe because the roof is open cafes.

After sunset prayer, i went to verdika's home. At 18.30, i arrived at her home. I would have waiting for a while because she had been dressing. After waiting for about 5 minutes, What a beautiful angel, she looked more beautiful. Yeah, she's more beautiful day by day. Let's go to cafe to celebrate our relationship's anniversary.

When we had been driving to cafe, we discussed about at what cafe we would celebrate. It is a tradition because we must choose an alternative place. When we arrived at i-cafe, we felt that this cafe is not cozy enough because we saw a big screen that make the cafe look like a "layar tancap". Oops, i am sorry because i don't know what is "layar tancap" in english. Yeah, we had choosed some alternatives cave, such as WS, Mr.burger, Snap Cafe, barbados, and teratai cafe. When we arrived at seturan, we cofused to choose between barbados or teratai. Because barbados is so quiet and there is no one else beside us and waitress, we decided to celebrate our anniversary at teratai cafe.

According to us, teratai cafe has a cozy atmosphere with enough nuance of rice field. Although some of the songs accompanied emo and waitress with the emo style, we feel quite comfortable because of this offset by singsong frog voice. Teratai cafe has several special menu that is quite delicious. What are the special menu in teratai cafe, we wait the story at Wisata Kuliner.

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