Friday, August 7, 2009

Cannot submit link at mixx
Today, I found a bizzare happening. I can not submit link from blogspot at mixx. When I would submit my story about Kontes SEO Aristia Wida Rukmi, I got a message from mixx. It said "Sorry, the URL you are attempting to submit is not valid on our system". What happen to mixx?

cannot submit link messageThen, I tried to submit another link. Then, I submit link from other BlogSpot. But, nothing changed. I've got the same. When I submit other link from a BlogSpot which had changed to custom sub domain, it works! It also work when I submit a story which from wordpress. I still don't know why I cannot submit BlogSpot link at mixx. Are you experiencing the same thing?


  1. waduh, kenapa ya?pdahal lumayan bisa nambah trafik

  2. Yes, i'm experiencing the same thing with my blog