Thursday, September 17, 2009

Math Tutoring on Holidays

School summer holidays has arrived. However, for children 3 grade schools, especially high school and junior high school, vacation does not mean not learning. National Exam will be held soon. One of the subjects of the most feared is Mathematics. So, we are not surprised if it's a lot of math help program.

I also have sisters who were still sitting in class 3 high schools and class 3 junior high schools. In the past, beside follow the guidance of math program, they also have a private math tutor. However, tutors are currently married and therefore could not guide my sisters again. Now, they just follow the tutorial program 3 times a week. In addition, tutoring location is also very far from home, about 15 km. This is certainly not very effective because it is very draining. So often my sister was sleepy when she got there. Especially if there is activity at night, my sister often can not follow these activities. If rain, she certainly could suffer flu because she was rained for 30 minutes. If she can follow the free online math tutoring, she would be more comfortable.

Since this is vacation time, tutoring institutions also holiday. My sister wanted to keep learning. However, it is currently very difficult to find tutors because many people who are returning to the village during the holidays. I also want to guide my brother but in two weeks there are some examinations at medical school. This morning, my friend told me that there is sites online math tutoring. Upon hearing this, I am very interested. Learning online course will be very practical because we do not have to go far. This helps me because my house away from the tutoring location.

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