Tuesday, September 22, 2009

oes tsetnoc

oes tsetnoc is seo contestI actually understand less about oes tsetnoc. They are two words that really hard to spell. In addition, I also do not know what the meaning of oes and tsetnoc. I check these words in the dictionary but I do not find it. I had thought that two-word name of someone who comes from Russia. Was I correct estimate?

Gradually, I became curious about what is oes tsetnoc. Does oes stand for the Occupational Employment Statistics? I also heard that the OES is one of the independent educational institutions in Portland. But why the word OES is followed by tsetnoc, a very strange word.

I get a clue when I was looking for tsetnoc through Google. I get search results that give rise to multiple domains with the name oes tsetnoc. I predict this could happen because there is a SEO contest. The webmaster will be competing domain that contains keywords oes tsetnoc.

One thing that becomes a question is why they held a seo contest with strange keyword such as oes tsetnoc? This question can be answered easily. Let us consider these terms carefully. What if we read these words from behind? You'll find that the OES tsetnoc can be read into SEO Contest.

Oes Tsetnoc contest was held by promojunkie. This SEO contest with prizes, tens of millions of dollars, but still smaller than the gift of the SEO contest held Joko Susilo. Promojunkie is a webmaster forum. There are some useful SEO tools such as tools for assessing SEO Score, tools to estimate the number of visitors and other webmaster tools.

Competition in this contest will be very tight. This happens because only 3 winners can get prizes. So, although we can enter the first page on google.com, we may not be able to get the prize. In addition, the scope of this contest is also the world. This contest will be followed by the SEO experts from around the world. Are you ready for oes tsetnoc?