Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fragrance, Special Birthday Gift for My Girlfriend

December next month, my girlfriend's birthday will be celebrated. I want to give a birthday gift which really special for her. Ring, shirt, or a doll is an ordinary birthday gift. I was looking for ideas. When I read a health and lifestyle magazine, I saw there was an article about Fragrances buying guides. I think a perfume would be a special gift for a birthday gift.

However, I am still confused in choosing a suitable type of fragrance for my girlfriend. I also asked my mother about the kinds of perfume. My mother is an avid collects all things 80s style. He loved to use the classic women's perfume, especially from the Calvin Klein perfume. I also tried to breathe my mother's Calvin Klein perfume . Apparently, the smell of perfume is very seductive. This perfume is very suitable to be used by a wife who wants to seduce her husband. I think the classic perfume is not suitable for my girlfriend.

I went back to read the magazine. On the next page, there is a list of Award Winning Fragrances. The list is taken from shopwiki.co.uk/wiki/Fragrances, a perfume store site in the UK. The list includes some of the perfume that got Fifi Fragrances of the Year, Basenotes Awards, and cew awards. One perfume that was awarded is L'Oreal Flowerbomb. I also remembered that my girlfriend really likes the products from L'oreal. The magazine explained that the perfume products available at the perfume store site. I also plan to buy it through online perfume store because holiday is over so I can not go to the UK in the next few months. I think this perfume gift will be a very special gift for her.

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