Sunday, October 18, 2009

How tea can prevent osteoporosis?

drinking tea prevent osteoporosis
Tea is beverages that accompany every food we eat. Sometimes, tea is a refreshing beverage opener when we got up early. This drink is also a loyal friend when we're tired or relaxed. Tea is also a heated atmosphere while we chatted with the family. Did you know that our habit of tea drinking is a lot of benefit? It turned out that tea can protect us from one of the most feared disease of post-menopausal women, namely osteoporosis. Tea has been medically proven to prevent osteoporosis, a disease which reduces bone density.

Some institutions have published several medical journals about how tea can prevent osteoporosis. In 2000, American Society for Clinical Nutrition published their findings on the effects of tea on bone density. The study was conducted to the elderly woman in Cambridge, United Kingdom. In 2003, American Journal of Epidemiology has published a journal that strengthens the previous findings. Object of research on this discovery is more extensive. The study involved a larger object. Both men and women involved in this research. Some ethnic is also involved in this study. In addition to the effects of drinking tea, the researchers also compared the amount of tea to drink with bone density.

The study showed that the increase in bone density associated with the level of tea consumption. People, who drink tea as much as 4 cups or more, will have an increase in bone density higher than those who drank about 2-3 cups of tea. So was what happened to the people who drink about 2-3 cups of tea a day. They have denser bones than nondaily tea drinkers. So, more and more consumption of tea will increase bone density.

Then how the mechanisms of tea in increasing bone density thus preventing osteoporosis? Actually tea contains beneficial substances or harmful bone density.

Tea also contains caffeine, a substance in coffee that has adverse effects on bone density. Although the caffeine content of the tea leaf is higher (2-3 percent vs.1 percent) compared with that of roasted coffee, tea is diluted more than coffee for drinking. The average caffeine content of a tea beverage in the United States is about 30-45 mg / cup, while that of a coffee beverage is about 60-129 mg / cup. Thus, adverse effects of caffeine from tea on bone density less than coffee.

Beneficial effects of tea on bone density obtained from isoflavanoid content. Besides being an antioxidant, isoflavanoid also has the effect of estrogen. The hormone estrogen is a hormone that has a function in maintaining bone density. Post-menopausal women have high risk for osteoporosis because of decreased estrogen production. Isoflavanoid can function as estrogen replacement can prevent osteoporosis. Besides containing flavonoids, tea also contains catechins. These substances can stimulate the cells which responsible for repairing bone cells. This substance stimulates the cells through estrogen receptors.

Tea not only contains substances that stimulate repair function of bone cells. These drinks also contain fluoride. As we know, this substance is a substance that serves to strengthen bones and teeth.

Apparently, the tea can prevent osteoporosis through various mechanisms. Content of substances in tea are beneficial for maintaining bone density. In addition to preventing osteoporosis, these substances would also have many other benefits such as preventing cancer. In fact, there are several studies that show that tea extracts have the effect of antibiotics and antifungal. One topic that is often discussed is the effect of tea tree oil to treat toenail fungus.

Compared soft drink drinking culture, tea drinking culture would have been better. Let us preserve the culture of tea drinking to stay healthy!


  1. I support and (will) preserve the culture of tea drinking to stay healthy. let's campaigned for healthy Indonesia 2010 (dance)

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