Friday, February 4, 2011

New Plurk Face Emoticon 2011

In early 2011, Plurk has bring out new emoticon. However, they are hidden emoticons. With any value of karma, we can not see these emoticons in the emoticon box. If we usually express ourself with a yellow face, with this new smiley, we can express our emotions with emoticons are white and shaped a cute face, no longer a yellow circle.

How to use the new plurk hidden emoticon? Here is the list of new plurk face emoticon 2011.

fuu plurk emoticon

bah plurk emoticon

aha plurk hidden emoticon

yay plurk face emoticon

troll hidden plurk emoticon

yea plurk hidden face emoticon

whatever emoticon

pokerface plurk hidden emot

These new emoticons are also available in versions of a girl's face. For female plurker, this new emot certainly can represent an expression of you. You simply add "g" in front of emoticon code to use emoticons on female version.

fuu girl plurk emoticon

bah girl plurk emoticon

aha girl plurk hidden emoticon

yay plurk girl face emoticon

girl troll hidden plurk emoticon

yea plurk hidden girl face emoticon

whatever girl emoticon

girl pokerface plurk hidden emot

There are still some new plurk emoticons. I will post it soon. Happy plurking!