Monday, July 12, 2010

Deddy Corbuzier nc1253hz6

Deddy Corbuzier nc1253hz6nc1253hz6 is a code provided by Deddy Corbuzier. Three weeks before the World Cup finals in 2010, deddy corbuzier has been leaked his predictions about the world cup 2010 winner. The magician does not mention which countries will win in the final. He did not mention the score of the game. Deddy Corbuzier only give a code that contains a combination of numbers and codes, nc1253hz6.

People are interpreting the code nc1253hz6 from several point of view. Some people interpret that letter N is a sign that the Netherland will win. However, there are also those who interpret the code is based on the location of the state. It is said that 1253 is the location of the German state. However, Corbuzier Deddy did not tell the meaning of nc1253hz6.

What exactly is the meaning of nc1253hz6 code? This morning Corbuzier Deddy told that the code is a video address that contains forecasts world cup 2010 winner. Please go to You'll find a video of Deddy Corbuzier. Videos are uploaded since three weeks ago. The master is guessing that spain is the winner of the World Cup 2010. nc1253hz6 is a youtube username!

We can also make such precise predictions like Deddy Corbuzier. The tricks are:
1. Create an account on youtube with the username in the form of a combination of letters and numbers.
2. Create 32 videos that contains a forecast world cup 2010 winner. As we know, the World Cup 2010 involving 32 countries. Definitely one of the videos we've created contains a prophecy that will become a reality.
4. Since the beginning of the World Cup, we announced to the public a code that represents our youtube username.
3. Once World Cup 2010 final ended, remove the wrong videos. You will be The Master as well as Deddy Corbuzier and Paul The Octopus.


  1. you the man bro,, you were right about dedy,,he's suck as hell..

  2. im agree with u, the illusion was so awfully constructed. as a illusionist dedy much less convincing than rafael master of hypnotism (see bukan empat mata, where rafael hypnotized all audience which mostly graduate student). dedy's skills also still under his ex apprentice joe sandy. sandy could solve mathematics questions faster than dedy did. dedy is just dedy with those bald uninteresting head.

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