Monday, May 24, 2010

Champion League Final and Regional Leader Election 2010

Yesterday, three districts in Yogyakarta held local elections. In Bantul district, there are three potential candidates for regional heads. Although the regional campaign is not as busy as the national election campaign, the enthusiasm of residents to welcome the regional elections is quite high. This can be seen on the eve of election day atmosphere.

On Saturday night, residents gathered. In addition to preparing the ballot, residents also gather while waiting for the champion league final. Champion League 2010 was quite unexpected. The finalists are not team that has been predicted. For inter milan, this year was the first year in the final after years of failure in the previous round. Bayern Munich also had to work hard to reach the final, even they have lost playmaker mainstay after exposure to a suspension at the time of the semi-finals. Time went by quickly because people were chatting to wait for the game started.

The game began. I really hope Bayern Munich will be the winner on champion league 2010. German's club controls the match. However, the strategy made by Mourinho really effective in dampening the Munich attack. Although controlling the game, they were unable to penetrate the defense of Inter Milan. Catastrophe for Bayern Munich came in the 40th minute. Milito scored the first goal and Inter Milan lead 1-0. The score stood until the first half. In the second half, Van Gaal trained troops increasingly aggressive in attacking. They control 60% of the game. However, Mourinho's tactics are very bright. Again Inter Milan has counter-attacked very fast. Milito scored one goal again. Inter Milan were winning 2-0. Viewing 2-0 Inter already, I was pessimistic that Munich can catch up. Munich is famous as a team that often changed circumstances. They are often fail on first half and then turned superior. However, seeing the inter milan game, I thought Munich would be very difficult to produce a goal. Until the 93rd minute, a score of 2-0 did not change. I also went to sleep.

In the midst of sleep, I thought I heard the sound megaphone. The voice warned residents to immediately come to a vote. However, I feel very lazy to get up. I fell asleep again. When I awoke, my sister told me that candidates for the head area "Sukadarma" win in my area. Apparently, "my hero" lost again. I think "my hero" both in local elections and in the Champions League final in 2010 was not lucky.

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